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About us.

Think. Create. Live. Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box is a progressive, forward-thinking company founded in Cyprus with the goal to shake up the property industry and give a breath of fresh air in the stagnated local market.

Our ambition is to set “the new paradigm” in contemporary urban and suburban living by creating unique developments that people aspire to own, whilst adding character and value to the advancement of the surrounding areas.

Standing apart from traditional developers, we collaborate with top-drawer professionals which make use of innovative yet sustainable design and construction methods to achieve the highest standards of quality and originality.

With our valued customers always at the heart of what we do, we aspire to revamp our cities and develop new possibilities that will truly redefine contemporary living now and for generations to come.


Beyond the Box aims at conceiving and developing truly exceptional living environments that enrich people’s lives and inspire a true sense of belonging. We seek to reimagine a new typology of housing where nature is integrated with the urban environment in which we live, work and play in a sustainable, functional and meaningful way.
Our competitive advantage lies in our passion to create places that draw us back where we prosper. Just as Mark Stapp describes, we want to create highly appealing everyday places that lead to highly appealing everyday neighbourhoods that support and lift us as a community.
To achieve our objectives, we coordinate the design efforts of a charismatic team of architects, and interior designers while collaborating with the finest calibre of engineers and consultants. With their extensive expertise, our project collaborators actively contribute towards the fulfilment of our vision: to set “the new paradigm” in contemporary urban and suburban living.

“High Concept – High Touch” Approach

Designers refer to the term “High-concept” to portray a design ethic that calls for artistic and emotional grace, pleasing narratives and patterns, and opportunities to blend seemingly unrelated ideas into a novel imaginative synthesis. They also use the term “High-touch” to describe the ability to empathize, to understand the nuances of human interaction, and to find joy in the pursuit of purpose and meaning.
At Beyond the Box we incorporate the “High-concept – High-touch” approach into our real estate planning and design process for the sole purpose of creating better places – places we want to go to and stay at – places that are sustainable, evolving and compelling to the soul.